Top 3 Xbox Games For Every Gamer

Gaming console is usual thing in every home nowadays. With the latest gadgets like Xbox one, kinect connect; PlayStation gives the gaming a new experience and better relaxation over the weekend. Gaming is something to lookout for in 2015 and we will look at the popular games in 2015. Gaming creates the ability of better thinking and being a good team player. This can improve creativity in the minds of the children.

Grand theft auto 5

GTA 5Rock star games deliver another wonderful adventure-action game and are the continuous game of the grand theft auto series. You can free roam in the world either by first player or third player version. Skills improve level after level and driving is considered to be the top skill. The single player controller chooses the top culprits namely Micheal De santa, Trevor Philips and Franklin Clinton. The story is plotted like they have to complete their mission in the open world. Each character has a particular trait like Franklin drives slowly, Trevor used to create more damage and Micheal improves the shooting skill. The Advantage is that, you can play more inside games like scuba diving, base jumping and stock market games. This is an extra-ordinary game to play and shouldn’t be missed.

Witcher 3: wild hunt

Witcher 3The world of witcher 3 is beautiful and wonderful. This is realistic world where human fights for his survival. This is where you cannot trust anyone who is very desperate to kill you. Most characters have a scar on the face and there is misery everywhere. There is a slight line of hope and you can feel the emotions of characters. The monsters are cruel imitation of the love less people. It is about using your skills and not just fighting through the monsters. Solving the mystery of this game is no quick task, this game is for mature audience. This is one of the best open world forest game made and every temple, every caves are the ones to be explored. This is really a clear piece of reality and not just a copy/paste work. This also captures the violence of real world, which is no surprise. Overall the mystery keeps you glued to the game.


FIFA 14Are you a football fan? Do you watch every game on football? This is the game you need to play in your leisure time. In recent times, FIFA game has benefitted from several big changes. They have included more features that FIFA had to offer. The game is more polished and graphics much improved. The natural play and extra ordinary audio comments give the realistic feel while playing the game. The broadcast style of game remains superb. The controls are completely improved and help to tackle while playing the game. The visual is completely pleasing to the eyes and much better than FIFA 13. It was easy to score more goals in FIFA 2014. One important feature includes the amazing attacking defense, many options to play the game and the animation.

XBOX One vs. PS4

The debate over XBOX One of Microsoft and PlayStation 4 of Sony is ongoing since the time they were introduced to the market. Both of these consoles provide many new features which makes the decision of choosing one over the other somewhat tricky and difficult. Given below are some of the features that will be most useful when comparing these two devices.

Design and Build

The two devices XBOX One and PS4 have highly different design and build properties. While the XBOX One is a very large and bulky device, PS4 has a generally smaller build taking up lesser space in your living room. PS4 can also be kept vertically which can reduce the space it takes up. Though the weight difference is negligible the size of PS4 makes it more easily portable than XBOX One. Also In terms of the appearance the angular design of the PS4 stands out. PS4 has a complete matte finish while the XBOX One has a half glossy and half matte finish.

Although PS4 wins when considering size and appearance, the extra space in XBOX One is allocated for cooling purposes which makes it a better device for the long run.


In terms of performance both XBOX One and PS4 has somewhat similar specifications. The CPUs are extremely similar but with PS4 having a slightly lesser clock speed than the XBOX One. But since the GPU of PS4 is much better, the graphics property of PS4 is much better than that of the XBOX One.


The game controllers of XBOX One and PS4 are named XBOX One Controller and DualShock 4 respectively. The major improvements of the XBOX Controller are the rumble motors built into the shoulder buttons which creates a rumbling effect when playing shooting and racing games. It is also responsive and easy to handle.

The DualShock 4 in other hand has a larger built with a very firm nature. It also has a new touch pad and smaller thumb-pads on the analog sticks making it easy to grip and handle.


When the prices of these consoles are compared XBOX One offers twice the storage space and better free inbuilt games than the PS4, thereby giving more value for the same price in almost all packages of XBOX One.

Games Apps and Special Features

The games available on the two platforms also make a huge difference for the gamers when taking a decision between the two devices. The best-selling game on XBOX one is Titanfall which beats the major game, Infamous: Second Son of PS4.

Titanfall is a first-person shooter game similar to Call of Duty, while there are other popular games like Sunset OverDrive and Forza Horizon 2 and upcoming games like Halo 5: Guardians on XBOX One which keeps the gamers’ attention intact. PS4 also has other popular games such The Last of Us: Remastered and Bloodborne but it is difficult for PS4 to compete with games available on XBOX One.

But in terms of graphics and rendering of cross platform games, PS4 offers a better gaming experience than the XBOX One.

Both the consoles offer many third party apps for the entertainment of the user but since the variety of apps in XBOX One makes it a better choice than PS4 in terms of availability of apps.

One of the most important features available in XBOX One is its backward compatibility which gives the users the ability of playing previously purchased games of XBOX 360 without having to pay for the game again. This feature is not available in PS4.


XBOX One – Introduction and Features

Xbox OneXBOX One is a gaming console introduced by Microsoft under the XBOX brand in 2013. It is the predecessor to XBOX 360 which was introduces in 2005. XBOX offers many new features to the users and it is the newest gaming console which is currently available to the users under the XBOX brand.

Design and peripheral Devices

The build of the XBOX One is ten percent larger in size than its predecessor but similar in weight. This extra size of the device is used for the cooling system so as to eliminate the heat produced which became an issue in XBOX 360. The casing of the device is half matte and half glossy. The device takes up a lot of space because it is large and created to be placed in only the horizontal orientation.

The gaming controller of the XBOX One has the basic buttons and controls and additional features such as extra rumble motors which create vibrations during shooting and racing games giving a realistic game experience to the user. The smooth exterior helps to give a good grip and to handle the device easily.

The Kinect Device available for XBOX One gives the user the opportunity to use hand gestures and voice commands other than using a controller.

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Performance and Graphics

XBOX One gaming console has an AMD processor, 8GB DDR3 RAM, a non-replaceable hard drive and a Blu-Ray Disc Drive. It also provides excellent graphics and fast rendering of games like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

XBOX One Games

XBOX One offers more than 100 games of which the best-selling game is Titanfall. There are other popular games which can be purchased for this device such as Sunset Overdrive and Forza Horizon 2. These popular games become an important reason for the gamers to buy this device.

There are upcoming games such Halo 5: Guardians, Quantum Legends gamers are looking forward to playing on the XBOX. There are third party games and Indie games available for XBOX One as well.

One of the main advantages of XBOX One related to gaming is the backward compatibility which allows the users to play their XBOX 360 games in XBOX One without having to pay for the new and compatible version of the same game you already have.

User Interface and Apps

The user interface of XBOX One is similar to the Windows 8 and Windows phone tile structure which gives it a modern metro appearance.

XBOX One can also be considered as an all in one entertainment device as it also supports video and streaming from third party applications like Hulu Plus and Netflix. You can also watch your cable TV shows using the XBOX One even while you are playing a game. This can be achieved just by transferring the signal from your normal cable box to the console. Kinect can come in handy when watching TV as a voice operated remote controller.

Price of XBOX One

A XBOX One device can be purchased at $350 without the Kinect camera and with several popular games like Halo Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag. And it can also be purchased at $400 and $450 with more games and features.